ShaGa Studio has been selected for the 'Emerging talent-architecture' section of Surface Magazine // 15.03.12


ShaGa Studio has been selected for the 'Emerging talent -Architecture'  section in  March-April edition of Surface Magazine [NewYork]:


SHaGa Studios's designs make sustainability innate.

ShaGa Studio may sound a bit like a reggae record label. In fact, it’s a Netherlands-based design firm, one whose international and intellectual outlook is as broad and varied as the backgrounds of its designers, Shany Barath and Gary Freedman (whose first names combine to form its title). The life and-work partners met as architecture students at Technion International School of Engineering in Haifa, Israel. Together, they moved to Holland for graduate school and then to England to study at the famed Architectural Association. They still commute to the AA two days a week, teaching courses in London, and then wing it back to Amsterdam to work on projects for their now two-year-old firm. From a shelter in a London park to a Holocaust memorial for Atlantic City, Barath and Freedman’s work—which dates back to a stint with UNStudio, where they’ve worked on and off since 2006—demonstrates a range almost as startling as its biomorphic visual complexity. For a proposed municipal center in the seaside town of Netanya, Israel, ShaGa produced a gently sculpted, vase-like tower with striated bands rising from a multi-tiered base. “It started from our understanding of airflow and wind pressure,” says Freedman, , citing the area’s coastal breezes as a reference point for the tower’s organic contours. For ShaGa, looking to the environment isn’t an end unto itself. “It’s not that sustainability isn’t the target,” says Barath, 33, “but sustainability is a part of the process.” ShaGa’s approach anticipates a design future where sustainability is an innate part of architectural thought, not just a box to be checked  [Surface Magazine, March 2012].


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