SHaGa Studio will be directing this year's Architectural Association Global school in Tel Aviv // 10.09.11


Desert Irrigation Circles [Sahara desert ]


This winter ShaGa studio will be directing The Architectural Association [AA] Global school in Tel Aviv.

'Active Matter' is the Architectural Association Global School in Tel Aviv taking place between 16-26 February 2012.

The unique global school will explore Macro desert infrastructures and Micro modes of production at the intersection of Nature, Technology and Built Environment. Bringing together Architects, Engineers, Product Designers and  Environmentalists, we will "stir-up" an interdisciplinary laboratory, speculating and cultivating the emergence of new infrastructural and recreational systems within the 'Negev Desert'.

For more information over content and staff please refer to the AA-TEL AVIV website: ActiveMatter2012


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