ShaGa Studio will give a talk at COMAS this week/ 01.01.12

ShaGa Studio' will give a talk titled: ' ActiveMatter'  at the COMAS design campus in israel , featuring

some of the office's recent work .


/// We perceive our environment as an ‘ActiveMatter’, immersed in a dense field of visible

and invisible forces, connected in a complex system of geological, hydrological as well as

cultural and social bonds. Such understanding has encouraged architects and designers

to widen their scope of exploration in order to accommodate fully the transformative forces

of the environment as well as its performative potentials.


Active Matter’ will feature recent work developed by the architecture office -

ShaGa Studio , addressing the role of computation and parametric

design as key drivers within the environment, spanning from material and fabrication

processes to environmental facades and territorial infrastructures.///



For more information please visit :COMAS ONLINE.

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