'Comfort Shell' - A Cone Of Silence 

Product Design | CES 2015

ShaGa Shyovitz for Silentium Ltd.

Comfort shell is a revolutionary spatial ‘Quite Bubble’ device for the individual user with applications ranging from interior and furniture design to innovative work environments and busy public spaces such as train stations, airports and business hubs.


Blurring out the boundaries between public and private , the shell provides comfort and quite for individual users and redefines our work habits as well as our public space through technological innovation.


The Comfort Shell™ prototype is a 3d printed shell that integrates both ANR speakers and multiple microphones to allow spatial active and passive noise reduction, and works at virtually any location.  Its shape is defined through a form finding process based on measured noise data.


The quite zone is achieved through active and passive noise reduction technologies so you can have your own private lounge and make phone conversations, listen to music or grab a moment’s peace without the necessity of massive enclosures or visual barriers.


An integrative individual furniture, The Comfort Shell™ embeds the latest evolution of Silentium’s Quiet-Bubble™  technology. QB technology captures and cancels out unwanted noise in the environment, ensuring a “quiet zone” around an individual.


Press Coverage:​

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ShaGa Shyovtiz design for Silentium Ltd. 

Acoustics - Silentium Ltd

Design - ShaGa Shyovtiz: Gary Freedman, Moti Shyovtiz, Shany Barath with Zeev Perlmutter and Itai Bleistein



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