Community Roofscapes

Housing and Transportation Hub, AU | 2011

Caught between the daily bustle of Vienna’s transportation veins and the local green tranquility of Hietzing’s recreation parks, The ‘Community RoofScapes’ project envisions a new identity for the site of the Speising train station as a vibrant mediator between urban tempos and local rhythms.

Utilizing the ‘green’ character of the area as a crucial ingredient for scale transitions, the project orchestrates a network of ‘green’ anchors serving as public focal points for local social interactions.
The weaving of open public spaces from sunken courtyards ,tilted roofscapes, to an elevated green spine along the train railway, generate a new promenade linking the site back to Hietzing’s recreation network.


ShaGa Studio - Gary Freedman and Shany Barath



ShaGa Studio is an architecture practice based in London and Tel-Aviv. ShaGa Studio inclusive methodology strives towards architecture which 

consolidates a wide spectrum of disciplines, from architecture and urbanism to civil engineering, environmental and material design. @ All Rights Reserved.


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