Studio Tutors: Gary Freedman, Olaf Gipser

Ecology+Landscape Consultant : Klaas Jan Wardenaar [Vista.nl]

Environmental Engineering Consultant : Peter Mensinga [Arup.nl]

Students : Yoonhee Bae, Ju Hwa Baek, Karthik Balla, Saran

Chaiyasuta, Robert Alexander Gorny, Ye Han, Ryang Huh,

Aleksandar Joksimović, Xiao Liu, Anna Sissela Michalsdottir, Ajay Kumar Saini, Like Tao


'Ecological Modernity' Studio Synopsis:

'The actual matrix of heterogeneity of a 'multicultural society’

is to be looked for and given form in the diversity of ‘biotopes’.'

[Peter Sloterdijk, Spheres III]

We can witness today a fundamental transformation of our understanding of the city from its century- long focus on opposing nature, of city being non-nature, to becoming understood as some sort of nature by its own, of city becoming another-nature.

It is interesting to observe that the current obsession of cities rethinking their metabolic relationship with nature and their role as hosts for accommodating nature has been taking place at the same time when the city has become the definite biotope for the human race.

Cities have come to understand that their next wave of modernisation will be grounded in the principles and insights gained from ecology, aspiring for higher quality of life and healthier environments. As much as this urban transformation will be triggered by a new conceptual and technical vocabulary, it will profoundly affect the disciplinary concerns of other fields of knowledge.

The 'Ecological Modernity' studio aims at addressing a few fundamental questions that are challenging architecture and urban planning:

How will the ecological modernization of cities affect their temporal-spatial organization? How will it enter questions about social space and its political condition? To what extent will ecological modernization provoke novel architecture that is concerned with the city?

For more please visit :

Berlage Centre - Ecological Modernity

Ecological Modernity - Online Panels

'Ecological Modernity-

A City as A Matrix of Urban Biotopes' 

TUDelft | The Berlage Center for Advanced Studies in

Architecture and Urban Design |  Graduate School | 2012-13

ShaGa Studio is an architecture practice based in London and Tel-Aviv. ShaGa Studio inclusive methodology strives towards architecture which 

consolidates a wide spectrum of disciplines, from architecture and urbanism to civil engineering, environmental and material design. @ All Rights Reserved.


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