Embodied Patterns

Architectural Association 2009/2010, AADRL

This seminar is intended as a resource towards development of student’s design fluency and virtuosity within the condition of accelerated convergence of matter and information, and its direct application to architecture and related fields. This tendency is currently strongly affecting progressive academic research and practice alike. At its core, seminar will explore concepts from computation and key ideas from science currently reshaping the fabric of reality itself, trickling through all its facets including architecture. It’s addressing a growing culture of collective computational intelligence emerging within a discipline, exploring the shift from the technique-based approach that dominated generative practices within architecture in the recent past towards the more explicit computational approach by engaging with the nature of the code and its potency to rewrite existing protocols directly. Such approach allows for a closer engagement with raising complexity in constructed material environments and for the flourishing of invention. It allows for a direct poly-scalar embodiment of information patterns within matter itself and built ecologies at large.
Finally the seminar is exploring formation of new knowledge unifications emerging across and beyond the disciplines and will attempt to engage in the active exchange with guest speakers from science, music and engineering fields.

The Architectural Association / AA DRL

Digital Theory Seminar (Alisa Andrasek) 


Gary Freedman

Shany Barath

Jose Sanchez


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