Fields of Knowledge 

Sustainable Education Campus for Ramat Efaal,IL

Competition Winner | Second Prize 

Evoking the memories of old agriculture fields in Ramat Efal, The proposal for a new education campus integrates a series of linear ‘ knowledge fields’ into a rich and varied learning experience, weaving together exteriors with interiors, the public and the community.

The proposal criticises an existing plan that splits the campus into 3 divided plots and suggests instead an integration of both school & public programmes within an overall ‘field condition’.

Functioning as a focal point for the new neighbourhood, the slightly elevated ‘Campus Village’ is transforming a public pathway from a shortcut to a destination, creating a vertical division between the restricted learning environments on higher levels and the public functions (media centre, theatre, sport facilities etc) accessible to all along a lower ‘park’ pathway.

By situating the learning spaces above the public zones , new intimate learning conditions are being developed, where distinct expertise and knowledge areas  (Science and Technology, Humanistic Studies, Arts and Crafts, Sports) are nurtured and explored.
While knowledge clusters are defined through program and organisation, an interconnected fabric of gardens, patios, loggias, terraces and informal learning spaces propagates cross fertilisation and interdisciplinary learning experiences across fields of expertise.


ShaGa Studio+Auerbach Halevy Architects

ShaGa Studio: Gary Freedman, Shany Barath and Alexey Boev
Auerbach Halevy: Ori Halevy, Ori Rotem, Eynav Nahoum, Noam Muskal.

Visualisation by design team and Doro Dietz 


ShaGa Studio is an architecture practice based in London and Tel-Aviv. ShaGa Studio inclusive methodology strives towards architecture which 

consolidates a wide spectrum of disciplines, from architecture and urbanism to civil engineering, environmental and material design. @ All Rights Reserved.


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