Human Nature

Atlantic City Holocaust Memorial, USA | 2010

Sha.Ga's Atlantic City Holocaust Memorial(ACBHM) gives a new interpretation to the way collective memory is shaped in our contemporary society.

Rather than harnessing the magnitude of  sheer numbers; numbers of victims or even the engulfing  atrocities of the holocaust, The humaNNature project experiments with the qualitative actions of individuals and the ability of single acts of humanity, of courage and compassion to another fellow human-being  to trickle and influence society from within .
In the process, the humaNNature project shifts the emphasis from the single figurative object, monumental as it may to a rather modest memorial architecture that dwells upon local articulations in the micro scale(a newly discovered relations at the scale of the single visitor) and their overall macro scale manifestation.

Credits : ShaGa Studio - Gary Freedman and Shany Barath




ShaGa Studio is an architecture practice based in London and Tel-Aviv. ShaGa Studio inclusive methodology strives towards architecture which 

consolidates a wide spectrum of disciplines, from architecture and urbanism to civil engineering, environmental and material design. @ All Rights Reserved.


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