Herzliya MST Campus

A Science and Technology Education Campus, Israel ,2015-2016

The Multidisciplinary Institute of Technology in Herzliya is a groundbreaking education building putting forward a vision that responds to the challenges of our time and uses educational progress in science and technology as tools for entrepreneurship and creativity.


The educational challenge today is to teach our youth how to learn, how to prepare a younger generation for life in a changing world and how to face and create curiosity with disciplines that do not yet exist. 


The building design is structured around an innovation driven multi-disciplinary curriculum and instigates a dynamic and flexible space supporting and enabling a rich learning environment with maximum versatility. The building is a significant landmark for its environment and its unique presence brings together the urban scale of a landmark public building with a science park that provides a green and outdoor educational environment for the local community.


The Institute building is located in the north-eastern part of the city and is connected with a green pedestrian avenue to the interdisciplinary College (IDC). It’s roof rises towards the public axis allowing direct visual connection between the learning spaces and the open landscape. 

The building is a green technological roof - an artificial park set as a ‘Technology Carpet’ which is the focus of the entire structure. The roof as ‘artificial nature’ is an advanced structure that weaves learning and educational activities with technological ones and expresses the changing concepts and lifestyles of our time.


>> MST Herzliya // Article in Haaretz Newspaper 



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