The Shavazi Townhouse  

Residential complex - Tel Aviv

The Shabazi Residence captures the urban transition from the tiny housing fabric of the early Shabazi neighbourhood and the later wave of townhouses in Neve Tsedek. 


Following a Conservation plan, large number of houses have been rebuilt or refurbished and the main Shabazi St. has become a vibrant anchor of trendy shops and boutiques. Shabazi 38 is a project that responds in its scale to the Neve Tsedek formal aggregate yet continues the material based transformation of facades  and envelope which started over 100 years ago with the traditional ground floor wooden shutters all the way to the 90’s Perforated clay screen (Mashrabiya).

The Contemporary addition renovates the entire building while adding a new roof and facade structure. The facade respond to the 90’s Mashrabiya with a new openable perforated screen controlled parametrically to ensure privacy and microclimatic conditions. The process relates program and sustainability to economic parameters and fabrication constraints.


ShaGa Studio is an architecture practice based in London and Tel-Aviv. ShaGa Studio inclusive methodology strives towards architecture which 

consolidates a wide spectrum of disciplines, from architecture and urbanism to civil engineering, environmental and material design. @ All Rights Reserved.


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