Mixed Use Development

"Beyond" is the redevelopment of 10,0000 sqm mixed-use plinth program in the centre of the Tel-Aviv metropolis. The project reorganises the design of a multi-functional plinth, accessibility routes and program by enhancing its connectivity from and to the site and by capitalizing on its centrality and visibility from the Ayalon highway. Moving towards a seamless and diverse experience, a dialogue between the urban and local scales emerge. One in which the interior and exterior materiality merge, as well as the development of the plinth façade as a deep programmable surface mediating programmatic and contextual requirements. This duality supports the wider aim of achieving a fresh, open and vibrant experience of living, working and playing at the heart of Tel Aviv's central business district.


Team: Gary Freedman, Liat Muller with Raphael Fogel and Tanya Roitman






Tidhar Construction Ltd.

Givatayim, Israel

40,000 sqm

Concept Design


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