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The Comfort Booth™

IOT/Product design

The Comfort Booth™ is a revolutionary spatial “Quiet Bubble” designed for Silentium Ltd. and used by the Moscow Underground Authority on the network’s platforms with possible applications ranging from public spaces, such as train stations and airports, to retail and business hubs. The booth provides acoustic comfort and a quiet environment for individual users without enclosing them. The continuous visual and spatial fluidity blurs the boundaries between public and private, keeping the user engaged in their surroundings.

The Comfort Booth™ prototype is produced as a double GRP shell that integrates both ANR speakers and multiple microphones that initiate active and passive noise reduction and are adapted to work in any location. The optimal shape of the booth was defined through a digital form finding process based on measured noise data.

Team: Gary Freedman, Moti Shyovitz, Shany Barath

Consultants: Acoustics: Silentium Ltd, Engineering: Nous Engineering

Photography: Yael Engelhart


Moscow Metro Authority




Moscow, Russia



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