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The Comfort Shell™

IOT/Product design

The Comfort Shell™ prototype is an extra-large 3d printed PETG shell that integrates both ANR technology and multiple microphones that initiate active and passive noise reduction and are adapted to work in any location. The Shell is a revolutionary spatial “Quiet Bubble” for an individual user with possible applications ranging from interior and furniture design to innovative work environments and busy public spaces such as train stations, airports, and business hubs. The Comfort Shell™’s continuous visual and spatial fluidity blurs the boundaries between public and private, keeping the user engaged in their surroundings. The quiet zone enables many possibilities for its user to create a private lounge, a personal phone booth, listen to music or relax in a moment of silence, while still being engaged in their environment without visual barriers. 

Team: Gary Freedman, Moti Shyovtiz, Shany Barath with Zeev Perlmutter and Itai Bleistein

Press Coverage: ​

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CNBC TOP 5 / CES 2015 >





John Lewis UK

Birmingham, UK



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