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Tel Aviv South Central Business District Policy

Policy and UID Planning

The Tel Aviv South CBD Planning Policy lays the base for a newly developed financial district along the Ayalon highway as an extension of the existing northern business district of Tel Aviv. The plan explores the potential and opportunities of a highly connected location served by multiple modes of transportation (trains, trams, future metro and main highways) in the heart of the Tel Aviv metropolitan area and responds to its different regeneration challenges and risks. The CBD planning approach develops a new public backbone stretching along its full length and serving as a base for a newly designed hyper-dense commercial and residential mixed-use district. The design prioritises pedestrian and cycling routes and emphasises quality place making and ground floor variation as key factors for future livelihood in the development.  A series of east-west bridges and streets stretch across the district and provide an accessible connection from the surrounding neighbourhoods to the CBD and from the existing residential fabric along the CBD to its public and cultural anchors.

Planners - Shaga Architects in collaboration with Oded Kutok (Office of Interdisciplinary design)

Shaga Architects: Gary Freedman, Shany Barath with Rotem Lewinsohn, ,Michal Orevi  and Lev Zhitnik

Office of Interdisciplinary Design: Oded Kutok with Lior Glick and Tal Alster






Tel Aviv Municipality

Tel Aviv, Israel

390 dunam



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