D-Tower Complex

Commercial/Mixed Use

The D-Tower Complex is a new mixed-use development located in the heart of Ranana’s knowledge industry hub. ​The tower caters for a growing Technology/Bio-med community and provides a 24/7 layered complex that combines work, live, and play facilities. Spanning over 25 floors and over 30,000 sqm, the new tower weaves together programmatic needs, from retail in ground floors, a hotel in lower floors and offices in higher floors, to a new members-club for offices and hotel users on the top floors.


While the office floors are based on a flexible yet repetitive layout, they accommodate various tenancy scenarios and an efficient core arrangement. The cascading balconies allow the development of a dynamic green spine along the full height of the building and achieve a playful relationship between the balconies’ outlines and the vertical curtain wall facade. Natural ventilation and solar shading simulations guided the parametric design procedure of the horizontal fins along the facade as well as the jigsaw facade shutters.






H Group

Ranana, Israel

30,000 sqm

Concept Design


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