Fields of Knowledge

Sustainable Education Campus

Evoking the memories of old agricultural fields in Ramat Efal, the proposal for a new education campus integrates a series of linear “knowledge fields” into a rich and varied learning experience, weaving together exteriors with interiors, the public and the community.

The proposal suggests an alternative vision that integrates both school and public programmes within the overall plan, differing greatly from the existing plan that splits the site to three secluded plots with limited fluidity among its components.

Functioning as a focal point for the new neighbourhood, the slightly elevated “Campus Village” transforms an existing public pathway to a pedestrian destination, creating a vertical division between the restricted learning environments on higher levels and the public functions that are easily accessible along a lower park pathway. (media centre, theatre, sport facilities)






Ramat Gan Municipality

Ramat Gan, Israel

10,000 sqm



Competition Winner

2nd Prize


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