Geffen Street Residence


Located in the old Tel-Aviv enclave known as "Shikun Haktzinim", the design respectfully follows the house's previous owners  who was a skilled carpenter who decorated the house meticulously with his work. A central staircase becomes the focal point of the house, allowing a strong horizontal connection to the top floor gallery addition. In order to provide maximum floor space to the top addition, a playful set of step-stairs ware designed, reminiscing traditional monastery steps used to bridge tight spaces. 


Many of the previous owner's millwork has been taken apart and re-assembled, thus keeping a nostalgic eye on an otherwise modern house.

Staying true to the desire to celebrate the past, a large glass wall opens up facing a 400 year old olive tree, giving some shade to the intimate sun-lit corner.







Tel Aviv, Israel

220 sqm



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