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Morasha Redevelopment Plan

UID Planning

The Morasha Redevelopment Plan is a regeneration plan for the old Morasha industrial zone in Ramat HaSharon. It provides a new mixed-use district bordering the interchange of highways nr 04 and 05. The masterplan explored possibilities for quality mixed-use urban space with a strong sense of place. The site lies on the edge of main highways; therefore, the design focuses on creating a gradual transition from the existing low rise suburban housing areas to a high-density development on the site and along the highways. A bespoke holistic proposal included an in-depth skyline control system restricting heights per plot, controlling building rights per owner within the plan and introducing the allocation of open green spaces and squares as flexible green joints between old and new urban fabrics.

Planners - Shaga Architects: Gary Freedman, Shany Barath, Arthur Mamou Mani, Ping-Hsiang Chen








Ramat HaSharon Municipality

Ramat HaSharon, Israel

350,000 sqm



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