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MST Innovation Campus

Education Campus

The Multidisciplinary Institute of Technology in Herzliya is a ground-breaking education building that promotes science and technology as educational tools for teaching entrepreneurship and creativity. Current educational challenges today are faced with how to prepare a younger generation for life in a changing world and how to approach and engage them in new disciplines that will exist in the future. 

The building’s design is structured around an innovation driven multi-disciplinary curriculum that instigates dynamic and flexible learning spaces that support a rich learning environment with maximum versatility. The building’s unique presence creates a dual reading of its role in context.

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Approached from the west, the building is perceived as a prominent landmark. Seen from the east, one experiences the building’s green roof as part of a larger science park that provides an outdoor educational environment for the local community. The building is in the north-eastern part of the city and a green pedestrian-friendly avenue leads to the Interdisciplinary College (IDC). Its pitched roof is levelled towards the public axis, allowing a direct visual connection between the learning spaces and the open landscape.


The green “Technology Carpet” is an artificial nature rooftop park, an advanced structure that weaves learning and educational activities with technology and expresses the changing concepts and lifestyles of our time.

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MST Herzliya / Article in Haaretz Newspaper >

Team: Gary Freedman, Moti Shyovitz, Shany Barath

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Herzliya Municipality

Herzliya, Israel

5500 sqm (building) 10,000 sqm (community park)



Design development


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