Ramat Yishai Memorial Grounds

Cultural Centre and Library

Ramat Yishai’s culture centre and memorial grounds for the village’s causalities of war explores an idea of memory as an active and physical agent, engraving its mass as a gentle relief in the local landscape. It creates a memorial site as a community activator, rather than a traditional static monument. The project proposes a layered organisational strategy in which memory and everyday life, nature and culture are pleated together, while seamlessly complementing each other.

The local agrarian character of the Jezreel-Valley with its critical link between its agricultural setup, community building and local social values (such as Kaufman's circular Nahalal Settlement plan) is echoed in the new design of a textured green roof. This "agricultural-fingerprint" serves as a way of remembering through seasonal growth and communal activities.






Ramat Yishai Memorial Grounds Competition

Ramat Yishai, Israel

500 sqm



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