Sheba Bridge Competition

Pedestrian Bridge

The Sheba Bridge competition's winning proposal for a new pedestrian bridge emerges from the understanding of Sheba Medical Centre’s ongoing urban transformation from an enclosed and gated medical campus to a public focal point within a densified and seamless urban fabric. Within the new district, the bridge takes a connective role - a new “entrance portal” for the hospital and a unique and substantial public space – a symbol of the hospital renewal process and its future.

The bridge’s signature “S” shape is inspired by the Rod of Asclepius, a symbol associated with healing and medicine which connects elegantly and organically between the hospital’s entrance plaza, the business oriented commercial area, the light-rail train station (serving the medical centre) and the future education campus west of the medical centre. Utilising the designed shading system and the rich spatial experiences created by the bridge on site, supporting programmes are distributed along and under the bridge, elevating its role from its initial infrastructural necessity to an inclusive, diverse and pedestrian friendly public space.

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Competition Announcement

Team: Gary Freedman, Liat Muller, Shany Barath with Dani ben Amram, Raphael Fogel, Rotem Lewinsohn and Michal Orevi.





Economic Development Company Ltd. Ramat-Gan

Ramat Gan, Israel

Competition Winner - 1st Prize