“Behave" Installation

Venice Biennale Exhibition

“Behave” is an installation at the Bienalle Architecttura di Venezia that extends advancements in genetic engineering to the realm of spatial and New-Media design by activating synthetic living materials around us with sensorial biomarkers from our human body. It suggests a bio-systemic approach rendering human interaction, social behaviour, human emotions as substance, and provokes our ability to communicate and synergise with our environment through such intricate resolutions of material responsiveness.

The “Behave” holographic microscope analyses the breath of spectators, measuring oxygen, carbon dioxide and breath tidal volume. An algorithm programming the behavioural patterns of bacteria uses these biomarkers to simulate the growth, organisation, and material deposition of a bacterial colony, constructing a virtual biofilm that interacts in real time with sensorial inputs.

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Venice Biennale Israeli Pavilion




Venice, Italy



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