WIX-City Campus HQ


The WIX-City campus was an invited design competition for 50,000 sqm of newly constructed office space in Tel Aviv. Designated as the future hub for the company, Wix wished to capture the vibrance and livelihood of their current workspace in an urban setting in the TLV harbour, translating its meeting points, chance encounters and varied workspaces into their new urban campus.

The design concept for the Wix-City campus scheme is focused on the well-being of the employees. Each part of the office layout includes a spacious stairwell that encourages social behaviour and casual meeting points. The stairwells not only provide a much-needed orientation anchor within the offices but also connect each of the office floors, aiming to reduce use of lifts and allow fluent circulation along the stairs as a natural gathering spot.

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Wix.com Ltd.

Tel Aviv, Israel

51,000 sqm



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