Woven Concrete

EcoBuild Exhibition

“Woven Concrete” was the winning proposal of the 'Geometric Generation Competition' and an installation for the EcoBuild exhibition in London. The project examined new structural and visual potential for Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete products (Rieder's Fiber-C). The interlocking panels, their stacking method, and the multiplicity of connection points, all serve the goal of creating a structure that is simultaneously fragile and light, yet stable. The “Woven concrete” proposal plays with the generic perception of concrete as a heavy modernist material and suggests a new perception of concrete as a lighter material, exploring its diversity in contemporary architectural culture.

Team: ShaGa Architects: Gary Freedman, Shany Barath, Osbert So and Immanuel Koh.

Manufacturer: Rieder [Fiber-C], Structural Engineering: Generative Geometry/Buro Happold





Geometric -Generation Competition

EcoBuild London

Competition Winner  1st Prize


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